Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hand drawn house

my sister Alice started her own screen printing & textile design business Hand Drawn House some time last year. her focus is on environmentally friendly, fair trade & certified organic textiles and products. she uses her own drawings & designs and screen prints everything in her studio!

she's having a stall at this weekends craft hatch, if you're in town you should come past to visit and check out all of her beautiful creations! she will be selling tea towels, pillow cases, stationary & more.

Craft Hatch
Saturday 12 February 2011
wheelchairCity Library
253 Flinders Lane, Level 1 Gallery, Melbourne, 11am-4pm

alice's contact: info@handdrawnhouse.com


Daydream Lily said...

ooo another talented sister duo. I like!! and yes I will be in Melbourne this weekend so will add it to my list of this I want to do while there.

L said...

oh excellent liss! have fun back in town. i saw foals - amazing.