Wednesday, January 29, 2014

witness this

once in los angeles, three handsome guys walked across my front yard to the doorstop.  little did i know, this lovely 'chance' meeting brought to me dersu rhodes. a very cool creative passionate spirit. he came around to interview my housemates for a feature on his website, witness this. we kept in touch and i was eager to work with him. when he asked me to collaborate on a project i jumped at the chance, and in the meantime i made this artwork for a dj set he did.

(i type chance inverted because i don't believe in chance, everything happens as it is meant to happen)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the village collection at mozi

i worked on this very cool collection that launched today at mozi. i enjoyed doing the painting and working closely with the design team on direction and making the small but sweet collection my new favourite! you can buy it here!
heres a few of my favourite pieces...

Art director: Camilla D'Antoine
Illustration: Laura McKellar
Graphic Design: Laura McKellar, Kit Hodges, Annie Davidson, Chloe Wilson, Camilla D'Antoine
Production: Elizabeth Danos, Caroline Gibbsdarby
All photographs copyright MOZI 2013