Monday, November 30, 2009

okay issue four

i just made issue four of my zine okay.
it will be available online next week but if you are in melbourne the first copies will be sold at the Blackbird Summer Market this Saturday!
it should be an ace day - there's lots of fantastic designers + crafty people selling their stuff aswell as bands playing live too! plus it is at the worker's club which means you may have a vodka lime + soda while you shop!
details of the market are as follows:
Blackbird Market
Saturday 5th December
@ The Worker's Club
51 Brunswick St,
Fitzroy VIC

here's a sneak peek at issue four


just finished making this poster for paper garden records in new york baby

(click to enlarge)


i finally finished some other pieces in my ceramics class!
after failing miserably on the wheel i made some small plates which were SO easy, they're still a bit nuts but they were fun to make and decorate. i never knew it was so hard to paint a picture onto clay... hopefully i will get better because that bird does not look like a bird!
and the pourer is a result of having a go on the wheel... wonky but cute.
more to come!

Friday, November 20, 2009

my once upon exhibition pieces

here's the pieces i put in the once upon exhibition. they are based on the story of the ugly duckling, by hans christian anderson. i used embroidery and digital print on fabric. you can click the pictures below to have a closer look
everyone work is now online + for sale here so have a look!

It’s a pity you can’t hatch him again

How could he ever dare dream of wanting their marvelous beauty for himself

The new one is the most handsome of all

I never dreamed there could be so much happiness, when I was the ugly duckling

Monday, November 9, 2009

miami horror single launch

anyone thats anyone will be going to miami horror's show next friday!
if you havent got a ticket yet hurry up and buy one at the corner hotel website!