Monday, November 30, 2009


i finally finished some other pieces in my ceramics class!
after failing miserably on the wheel i made some small plates which were SO easy, they're still a bit nuts but they were fun to make and decorate. i never knew it was so hard to paint a picture onto clay... hopefully i will get better because that bird does not look like a bird!
and the pourer is a result of having a go on the wheel... wonky but cute.
more to come!


the ever dazzling said...

Ohh, I think these are super cute! Any mistakes just add character? Ha, that's what my mum would always tell me. Nice work, I'm particularly rating the first one.

Lightning Heart said...

these are adorable!

Lars (you and me) said...

love that triangular bowl, fun!

L said...

aw thanks you guys! xx