Friday, November 16, 2012


I just got some film developed from my europe trip. I have about 30 rolls to go so expect to see a few more on here. I had the most amazing trip with Dan and my sister Grace. We visited the most beautiful places I have ever been and met some really inspiring and interesting people.

Lots of people have asked me about Morocco. It was quite confronting when we first arrived in Marrakech, lots of hassling, begging, noises and smells. I admit I was nervous trying to find our hostel, we had no idea how to get there and with packs we were prime targets for any body trying to take advantage of tourists. Walking through the main square of the old town was our first introduction to the city and I could tell it would not be a quiet holiday in Morocco! 
The markets were unbelievable and the sellers were many of the friendliest and interesting people we met there. There are laneways for different shops, it's a gamble deciding which shop to go inside. In retrospect I should have been more brave and gone into more of them, but the bargaining was tiring and although I learnt to be really good at it I always felt slightly out of place constantly asking for something one third of the 'marked' price. My favourite shops were the herb shops, where they sold pigments, perfumes and spices in jars (you'll see in the photo below).
We did what seemed like a very long and extremely hot hot hot 5 day trip to the Sahara Desert. And afterwards headed to the fishing town Essaouira. I can describe it as a smaller, less chaotic version of Marrakech. My favourite experience there was a trip to the hamam where the local women (large and small, old and young) bathed and scrubbed. 
The absolute highlights of my trip to Morocco was every Mohammed and nomad asking my sister for her hand in marriage, and Dan being called Lucky Man with two girls on his arm every single day. It just never got old!
The colours of Morocco are so vivid and beautiful. I have some colour photos coming soon to prove my point! Anyway I very much recommend a trip to Morocco if you have the chance. Have no expectations and go with an open mind. I loved Morocco.
(camera is Canon EOS 300 / film Ilford B&W)