Friday, May 22, 2009

random collective - exhibition this weekend

next week we'll be heading down to leongatha for our group exhibition Random Collective put on by nicole tattersall.

ive been working on some small embroideries for the show aswell as some pretty brooches + trying so hard to finish my zine before saturday so i can put a few down there too.

alice has been printing like crazy aswell as doing some small paintings for the show. combine that with the other artists it will be a nice exhibition for the people so far from the city who probably dont have a lot of time to get into town to see all the amazing exhibitions we take for granted.

on the same day is the triple j one night stand in sale (1hr from leongatha) which my spunki boyfriend is playing at so it will be a good saturday.

hope some of you guys get to see it. will post some photos after the opening anyway for you city slickers.

random collective 2009
taking quality works by up and coming artists to
regional Victoria
at mushroom crafts - leongatha
opening saturday, may 30, 2-4pm
also showing: Alice McKellar, Kate Brownlee, Kate Lightfoot, Leeana Edwards, Megan Dell, Nicole Tattersall, Rhen and
more info

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009


nearly finished my record for the exhibition

i even learnt how to make bowls out of recycling records - put it in the oven ontop of an ovenproof bowl for 1 minute (or when you see it getting soft) at 200deg. take it out and push down edges with a teatowel around the bowl and there you have your bowl.