Tuesday, January 29, 2013

las vegas

During August I spent some very hot days driving through the states.
I've never wanted to go to Las Vegas. I can honestly admit anytime somebody mentioned going to there for a holiday, my stomach churned. Actually visiting the place... I still would never choose to go there on holiday! Don't get me wrong, I was open to finding the appeal of the place. If so many people like it, there must be more to it than money & alcohol..

I actually ended up having a great time, staying at Hooters - so American! Saw Beatles Love cirque du soleil show - amazing. But my highlight of our stop over was finding the old Vegas side of town, beautiful old signs with amazing lettering, and cute little wedding chapels. We also found a really great raw food cafe, definately worth the drive out of town.  (Go Raw CafĂ© (Eastside Location) http://www.gorawcafe.com/locations.html)

I am dedicating this post to the old Las Vegas. Most of these photos are snapped from the car, it was unbearably hot out.