Sunday, February 5, 2012

leaving town

andy warhol with nico & the velvet underground in los angeles.

im really excited because i am about to go & live in LA with my boyfriend and his band for the year. i can only hope it is as cool as andy warhol made it out to be. i suppose i might have time to make lots of things ive been wanting to and spend some time on projects ive been dreaming about having time to do! plus i am mostly looking forward to all the raw food vegan oragnic bio dynamic green smoothies trader joes wholefoods and juice bars that make smoothies with superfoods unlike anywhere around here but my kitchen! oh and seeing my love ofcourse


elizabeth barnett said...

waaaaah! when do you go?! How exciting! x

L said...

liz!! in march. havent seen you in so long :( miss you! x

Grace McKellar said...

I'll miss you!