Wednesday, October 19, 2011

home stuff

i also work for MOZI now! pretty exciting to see some real products with my work on them. in my first couple of weeks i was lucky enough to spend the whole time painting and drawing and those drawings make up part of the summer 2011 range. there's 3 birds: pierre peacock, celeste crane & bert bluebird! here's a couple of product shots. there whole range is available online here. sorry to spoil it but everyones getting this stuff for christmas from me!


naughtyshorts! said...

Wow that is so bloody awesome!! Nice work. I hope you still keep up your other work and your embroideries too... Bec x

Victoria Whincup said...

So beautiful, congratulations to you!

elizabeth barnett said...

awesome stuff Laura!

ana▲jonessy said...

Such wonderful lot..!
Do you paint digitally/traditionally?

L said...

Thank you girls!
Ana its a bit of both, I scanned all my watercolour and then masked them in p'shop. I drew the birds in vector first too.

ana▲jonessy said...

They're really lovely. I've just recently developed an interest with digital painting and I absolutely love yours - they look very subtle, with very strong message.

So, you draw the birds in vector first, print them out, watercolor them and then have them scanned and processed in Photoshop..?

Hope you don't mind me asking.