Monday, May 2, 2011

embroidered doll tattoo.

i just discovered this online. yanina viland asked me a while back if she could tattoo my picture for a client of hers. im still shocked that someone would get one of my pictures - let alone an embroidery - tattooed! its crazy. her tattoo is really nice i think she did a beautiful job.


Clare Patricia said...

It turned out quite beautiful actually, I bet you feel flattered that someone permanetly has one of your lovely creations on them for life. I tried getting info on Yanina, but didnt have any luck. I really want to get icelandic mountains as a tattoo, but very delicate line drawing inspired... I am trying to find the right person for the job. Is Yanina in Australia? If so do you have a website?

L said...

pretty cool and strange. she is in europe somewhere!

grace got some tiny houses done, very fine but i think that was in brisbane. i can ask her! i got mine done in northcote @ eternal instinct. i suppose youd have to go in with a picture though a lot of them dont do fine linework. im sure simmo could give you some advice!

Anonymous said...

accidentally hit the site. very pleased that you liked my work.
I live and work in Russia, St. Petersburg, and she hails from the Ukraine.