Tuesday, August 11, 2009

extra cheeese III photographs

i didn't get the chance to go to the extra cheeese exhibition this time but have just found some great photographs taken by julia guo
my extra cheeese partner laura morgan and i made little birds from all of our left over fabrics and fancy crafty things like sequins, beads, wallpaper, book pages, feathers, doilies, and other wonderful things from our little collections of stuff we never get around to using!
check out the rest of the exhibition photographs on julia's extra cheeese photo page here.
thanks to everyone who made it up!


Sprinkle M. said...

That looks like such fun! I wish I could've come, love, but the oceans and oceans of distance between us sort of prevented that... Your art is so fantastic, I continue to be inspired!
xoxo Sprinkle

Julia Guo said...

Hello and thanks for the credits and link to my wensite. Your little feathered creatures were one of my favourites at the show, and definitely fun to photograph!