Monday, March 30, 2009


got myself a box of postcards thatve been made as part of Avant Card Supports Artists
want one? tell me your address

ps my friend Mez also has some! send one online here


Lars (you and me) said...

aaah they will so be at my design school, they have stands of these everywhere. i'll keep an eye out!

Sprinkle said...

Ooh I love these! Do you still have my address, tea cup? And wouldn't mind sending me one? THanks a MILLION, they look adorable.

L said...

yes love i will send you a couple!

Anonymous said...

Send me one! Please!
You know my address don't you?
Quick before I'm homeless and don't have a letterbox.

daydream lily said...

oh can i have some pretty please !!!